*Christopher is currently seeking work in the Pacific Northwest.
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Christopher is a Designer, Illustrator, VRArtist, Turntablist and Software Test Engineer, with a passion for future technology and bleeding edge software platforms. He is particularly known for his early work in the Houston Alternative Arts and more recently, his role as a Black Box Test Engineer for Microsoft Augmented Reality devices and Windows 10 software. Christopher enjoys working on projects during experimental development phases and orchestrating Verification during production times. He possesses unique professional work experiences in both the arts and technology, allowing him to explain complex scenarios to any client, and create a unique bridge between design and engineering. Christopher has a natural eagerness to assist your team in succeeding to the best of their ability.


★ early days

Christopher was exposed to Street Art at an early age growing up near the Southern Pacific Railroad, and began his pursuit as a self taught artist in 1993. Christopher’s art efforts began to gain traction beyond the Southern region. In 1997, a photograph of Christopher’s Artwork was utilized by Interscope Records to promote the song “Counterfeit”, a debut song recorded by Fred Durst. The graphic was published on the cover, and given to record executives, radio station DJs and various music industry professionals to promote the new Rock/Hip Hop fusion sound. Wikipedia


★ Diverse Artist


Through out his art career, Christopher has worked on many different unique projects, from Fine Art and Graphic Design, and large scale wall murals. Christopher has participated in over 50 Art Exhibitions, as both Artist and Curator through out his career. He has recently adapted his lettering efforts to Virtual Reality, using Software such as: Tilt Brush, Blocks, Medium and Kingspray to create works of art on his Social Media page.

★ dual bachelor’s degrees

Christopher attended college late in life, in attempt to digitize his passions and take his digital art to a new level by creating Gaming Environments. As he discovered new areas of Technology, his inquisitive nature flourished, introducing him to new areas of digital space, methodologies, and theories beyond the game. In 2011, Christopher graduated from the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe Arizona, (Campus Student) with both Bachelor's of the Arts, and Bachelor's of Computer Science, For Intern Credit, Christopher worked as a Lead Designer, along with UAT Teammates and The US Government to produce “CyberHero” (PDF), a browser based game created to inform young people about Cybersecurity.

Im wearing the Hololens, Illustrating Gestures as vocalized by Kristina

★ Test Engineer | Microsoft Studio c

Halo5: Guardians Credits

Halo5: Guardians Credits

Christopher has worked on many AAA titles within his Test career, for both Gaming and Applications. From,Microsoft's 343 Industries Halo:5 "Warzone" to Windows Applications, such as: ActionGram (HoloLens), Fragments (Hololens), Windows Mixed Reality and experimental avenues of Microsoft Photos! Recently, Christopher has spent the last few years working at Microsoft's Studio C, testing the HoloLens platform for the HoloLens Teams and Windows Core Applications (Evoke). While working at Studio C, Christopher had the opportunity to work on various Microsoft Activities. outside of his typical work flow. These activities included: participating in an employee art show, painting canvas for various charities and attending life changing lectures.

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Completed/Shipped Software Projects

”Story Remix” Windows 10 Photos Video Editor | Test Engineer
Windows 10 Photos Mixed Reality | Test Engineer
Windows 10 Photos Holographic | HoloLens | Test Engineer
”ActionGram” Windows Holographic | HoloLens | Test Engineer
”Young Conker” Windows Holographic | HoloLens | Test Associate
”Fragments” Windows Holographic | HoloLens | Test Associate
”Halo 5: Guardians” 343 Industries | Warzone Networking Team | Test Associate
”Guild Wars 2” ArenaNet | Expansion “Heart of Thorns” | Test Associate
”Guild Wars 2” ArenaNet | “Season 2” | Test Associate
”Adventure Time: Card Wars” Kung Fu Factory/Cartoon Network | Software Analyst
”WWE 13’” THQ Inc | Multiplayer & Combat Animations/Damage | Test Associate
”Darksiders II” THQ Inc | Email Asset System | Test Associate